Deep Tissue Massage Explained

Deep Tissue Massage

It is becoming ever more common to receive a massage as a component of your health care plan. It is also common for there to be confusion about the different types of massages, especially deep tissue massage. Most people think deep tissue massage is a redundant term. After all, aren't all massages designed to target muscles and tissues deep in your body? Not exactly. More people need deep tissue massage than receive it, however. The daily compounding of the stresses of modern life can lead to physical pain or injury.

Sore? It's Time for You to Get a Massage

if your sore, time for a massage

It isn't uncommon that many people consider massages services for the wealthy or an unnecessary luxury they cannot afford. Massage is certainly portrayed that way in movies and television It is the rich or high-class characters receiving the treatment, but they couldn't be farther from the truth. The fact is, massage therapy is a proven method of relieving pain and stress and it isn't as expensive as you think.

Massage Therapy for the Surgery Patient

Massage, Post-operative Rehab

If you're coming up on surgery day, you're likely a little nervous and wondering how your recovery will be. The recovery phase for many operations can be lengthy and uncomfortable, and managing your pain will be a significant part of what you'll be doing over the next period.

Here's a suggestion: instead of panicking as your doctor begins to reduce your pain medication prescription, why not turn to a centuries-old healing method? That method is massage, and there's scientific proof that it's beneficial for post-operative patients.

Studies Show Massage Therapy Reduces Stress Symptoms

A massage can help with stress relief

Stress is the body's natural way of elevating your heart rate, putting your senses on high alert, and essentially say, "Get ready! Something big is going on." The problem is that in today's modern world, sometimes it's rare that something big isn't going on. Some of us don't get a break from the stresses of our jobs, our family lives, and our daily tasks.

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