Mental Health and How Massage Can Help

Massage can help with mental health

Out minds make us who we are. Our mind is the mission control center of the body and spirit, --and because of this, mental health is extremely important. Unlike earaches or virus, mental health issues cannot be simply treated with a quick trip to a doc-in-the-box or prescription. Treating mental health issues takes different kinds of remedies to work, and massages are one of the ways to help relieve mental health issues. 

Mental Health

No matter what the mental health condition, you can bet that there are therapists of all kinds just waiting to get a hold of a new case. However, while therapists can be immensely helpful, treating the mind is not like treating the body--the mind requires multiple approaches to healing. As a result, individuals with disorders like stress, anxiety, and depression often benefit from chiropractic pain therapy.

Benefits of Chiropractic Pain Therapy

While a soothing massage may not be the first thing that pops into your head when considering mental health issues, chiropractic pain therapy has a big role in treating disorders of the mind.

  • Mindset. It's likely that most of us don't look at massages as a type of mental healing. However, the world is beginning to see that massages aren't only good for the body--they also work to lower stress levels, ease anxiety, and soothe the mind. This makes them a good option for treating mental health issues of many types.
  • The power of touch. The power of touch is surprisingly potent. Thanks to the connection forged between mind and body by a massage, stress hormone levels are almost always lowered after the treatment--meaning that massages are an effective use of our natural chemistry to treat mental health issues.
  • Individual care. For massages to be beneficial, they must not cause extra stress. As a result, massages that have been tailored to the individual's needs--like avoiding small spaces or darkness--have been shown to work extremely well in treating the mind.

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