Massage Therapy for the Surgery Patient

Massage, Post-operative Rehab

If you're coming up on surgery day, you're likely a little nervous and wondering how your recovery will be. The recovery phase for many operations can be lengthy and uncomfortable, and managing your pain will be a significant part of what you'll be doing over the next period.

Here's a suggestion: instead of panicking as your doctor begins to reduce your pain medication prescription, why not turn to a centuries-old healing method? That method is massage, and there's scientific proof that it's beneficial for post-operative patients.

Massage for Post-Surgery Healing

Although massage is newer on the scene for Western medicine, it has been around for centuries in places like India and China. Massage not only helps reduce stress, manage pain, and improve your body's natural ability to heal itself, it's also a pleasant and relaxing experience after surgery.

Massage as a Pain Management Strategy

Massage can help you manage and control your pain post-surgery. In fact, a massage can act as powerfully as a shot of morphine. Studies in cardiac surgery patients found that individuals were in less pain, had less anxiety, and felt more relaxed after massage therapy. Researchers and scientists have agreed that massage therapy is a significant step in the recovery process for post-surgery patients.

Massage as Swelling Prevention

AS you're likely already aware, swelling after your surgery or injury can be an issue in your recovery. Swelling is your body's natural response, but too much swelling can hinder your recovery process and cause even more problems. Massage therapy can help reduce your swelling, making you more comfortable and speeding your recovery.

Massage Shortens Healing Time

Finally, who doesn't want to spend less time in pain and on the couch? Massage therapy can improve your blood flow and nutrient delivery, decreasing your post-operation recovery time.

What's not to love about massage therapy for the surgery patient? To schedule your massage, contact us today.