Deep Tissue Massage Explained

Deep Tissue Massage

It is becoming ever more common to receive a massage as a component of your health care plan. It is also common for there to be confusion about the different types of massages, especially deep tissue massage. Most people think deep tissue massage is a redundant term. After all, aren't all massages designed to target muscles and tissues deep in your body? Not exactly. More people need deep tissue massage than receive it, however. The daily compounding of the stresses of modern life can lead to physical pain or injury. Deep tissue massage is a technique that specifically targets these long-standing tensions and stresses.

Make sure to consult your therapist

While it is very likely that you are a candidate for a deep tissue massage, it is still crucial that you speak to your therapist about the pains and stresses you are experiencing to make sure that deep tissue is the particular treatment option for your needs. Deep tissue massage has recovery requirements that you will need to adhere to as well.

Deep tissue massage process

During a deep tissue massage, your therapist will instruct you to relax and breathe consistently. Deep tissue targets the deep muscles and connective tissues where the impacts of long-term stress reside in hopes to relieve these symptoms. It isn't uncommon for your therapist to utilize more pressure than you may be used to in regular massages to reach these locations. At the beginning of the appointment, you will have the opportunity to give your therapist some insight into the trouble areas and ask any questions. Your therapist should instruct you to make sure you hydrate often in the time following your treatment to ensure you are cleared of the toxins that build up in those affected tissues and are released during the massage.

It is unlikely that you wouldn't be a candidate for deep tissue massage, but still, ask your therapist to be sure. You can look at the other forms of massage as well and determine what might work for you. When you are settled, give us a call and talk to us about it so we can answer any questions and get you scheduled.